The Team


The company was set up in late 2004 by Tony Neilson, Managing Director, for the purpose of offering Test Certification and Compliance Training under the Hazardous Substance Section of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act (HSNO) 1996 and for general consultancy relating to hazardous substance consenting and compliance under the Resource Management and Building Acts.

Test Certification for locations replaces the Dangerous Goods licensing regime under the now repealed Dangerous Goods Act 1974.

The change over from licensing to certification commenced 1 April 2004 on the transfer of classes 2-5 together with the “Scheduled Toxic Substances”.

A new requirement of the HSNO Act is that personnel handling or using hazardous substances in quantities above set trigger limit levels or regulated degrees of hazard are required to be certified as “Approved Handlers”.

Relevant Experience

Tony NeilsonThe Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has approved Tony Neilson, Director of the Company as a Test Certifier. Tony has been approved for certification of all aspects of controls for HSNO classes 2 – 9 except agricultural spraying. Prior to Tony setting up Envirohaz he gained qualifications as a Craftsman Plumber and Gasfitter, Registered Drainlayer and holder of a Limited Electrical Certificate. In 1990 he was lured away by a Territorial Authority to administer the Dangerous Goods Legislation for that Authority.

The Director has many years of experience and qualifications in this field under previous legislation. A full list of Tony’s approvals is available on the EPA website. View Tony’s EPA Certification.

Brendan HaughianBrendan Haughian joined the team in October 2006 as a HSNO compliance auditor. Brendan had previously been employed as a HSNO Enforcement Officer and Health And Safety Inspector at the Department of Labour.

In October 2010 Brendan became a registered Test Certifier.   Since his inauguration into the world of test certification, Brendan has proved himself very competent with a wide and growing knowledge base.  Like Tony, he regularly holds training courses for approved handlers, receiving excellent feedback on how he conducts these courses. View Brendan’s EPA Certification.

Our Statement

We pride ourselves in offering prompt, professional and practical services to a wide range of industries.

We look forward to discussing your HSNO compliance requirements and trust we may be of service to you and your company or organisation