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Location Compliance Certification

Location Compliance Certification is required for various Flammable, Oxidising, Toxic and Corrosive substances held above certain quantities. With years of experience, our team can assist you with certifying new sites, or renewing certification for existing locations. 

Certified Handlers

A person using acutely toxic 6.1A or 6.1B substances will likely require a certified handler’s certificate. Through our network we offer both the training needed to get up to speed and the certification required for this.

Regulation 4.5 training

A PCBU must ensure that every worker who uses, handles, manufactures, or stores a hazardous substance (including hazardous waste) is, before the worker can
carry out or supervise work involving those substances, trained in accordance with the relevant guidelines set out in the regulations. We have specialist training available to help you and your staff  meet these requirements.

LPG cylinder filling site trainer

If your site has an LPG filling station, and LPG cylinders are filled onsite, 1 or more of your staff can become an approved LPG cylinder filling site trainer. We offer the training required for this.

Stationary Container & Process Container Certification

Certification is required for Stationary Tanks & Process Container where certain hazardous substances are held above specified quantities. We have the knowledge and ability to assist you with the certification process for new and existing installations. 

Tank Wagon Certification

If you have a tank wagon which requires 2 year in-service certification, or require a pre-commissioning compliance certificate for a new tank wagon, we can help get you on the road.

Approved Fillers for LPG

If your site has an LPG filling station, and LPG cylinders are filled onsite, you will require approved filler certification for all staff doing this. We offer the training required for this.


Hazardous Substance consultancy, advice, and approval in principle

Compliance with the relevant Hazardous Substances legislation can be a difficult task for businesses to deal with at any scale. If you require general hazardous substance consultancy and advice or confirmation that your proposed project will be compliant with the regulations, we have the expertise to help you.

Other Services

Our business partners offer a large range of further services, including, but not limited to:

– General health and safety workplace consultation and advice.
– Respirator fit testing
– Health and safety workplace plan and policy drafting
– Occupational Health monitoring
– Workplace noise assessments
– Site Specific Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
– Training Development and Solutions

– Safety Documentation and Templates development
– Auditing & Review support
– Health & Safety Guest Speaker
– Manual Handling Instruction
– IOSH Managing Safely Course provider (ISO 45001)
– Virtual Reality Training Solutions

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